Aries Zodiac Jewelry Birthstone Collection

As an Aries, you are full of passion, a powerhouse and you can argue like it's a sport.

You feel like you know it all and definitely don't like to be told what to do. By anyone.  If your BFF is smart enough to let you think it's your idea, then she's figured out the key to getting any Aries to do what they want them to. 

Aries girls love to forge new frontiers where others fear to tread. Never one to back down from any challenge, you will tend to face your fears and bounce back from the toughest times stronger than before.

You can also be impulsive and often speak before thinking. But at least you're one of the few who can be honest enough to apologize for any hurt feelings caused by your blunt delivery.

You probably love anything new and see life's greatest challenge as your next adventure. As a friend, you're probably inspiring and will have their back when they need you most.  Loyal to the end, an Aries will only leave a friendship when the negativity is more than even you want to deal with.


An Aries motto is 'I Am' and having Mars as her ruling planet makes her the inspired action-taker and frontier-forger of all the signs.  Either experience or life's school of hard knocks will eventually teach the Aries in your life to follow through on a few of those great ideas running through their head.

DiamondAries' birthstone is the diamond and she loves receiving them in any size and any shape.  If your best friend, sister or Mother-in-law is an Aries, you’ll never go wrong giving her a diamond - it will rock her world.

Be sure to read the Rising and Moon Signs for your BFF's to better understand what goes into making them who they are and why you adore them. 

Aries: Your Birthstone (March 21 - April 19) - Diamond is believed to enhance physical strength and endurance, promote courage and confidence, and stimulate vitality and creativity. It is also said to improve circulation, support the immune system, and help with detoxification.

I use genuine diamonds, natural quartz crystal and white sapphires in my Aries birthstone collections. All white and clear gemstones resonate through the Crown Chakra (Aries rules the Head) and therefore, on an energetic level, they all correspond to the Aries personality.

Quartz Crystal in particular also acts as an amplifier for all other gemstone energies, which is why I feature them in many of my gem charms.

Who couldn’t use a little energetic boost, right?

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