Aquarius Birthstone Gem Charm | Small

Aquarius Birthstone Gem Charm | Small

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Your new Aquarius gem charm is hand made with a beautifully faceted Quartz Crystal, a zodiac charm and amethyst birthstone.

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  • 8mm Faceted Quartz Crystal Globe
  • 4mm Amethyst Birthstone
  • 14k Gold Filled Accents
  • Gold Plated Zodiac Charm
  • Measures .5" wide by .625" long
  • Handmade in US


Amethyst resonates through the Third Eye Chakra for increased intuition and creative imagination for divine inspiration.

As an Aquarius, you can get genius-like inspiration at sudden and unexpected moments. This won’t surprise you, as you’re probably used to ideas popping into your head all the time. And, more than likely, these ideas are not your everyday ho-hum ideas. Aquarius girls like to be unique, can be very spontaneous and are usually up for a good time. Aquarians also love to be of service and contribute at a Humanitarian level of life.

If you are an Aquarius, and you want to make the world a better place, you will want the energetic support of your Amethyst bracelets to help you focus all of those genius-level ideas into something that can help people – and the world.


  • Birthstone: Aquarius
  • Motto: I Serve
  • Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Flower: Orchid
  • Element: Air
  • Body: Bioelectrical System