Astrology Charm Bracelet | Gemini
Astrology Charm Bracelet | Gemini
Astrology Charm Bracelet | Gemini

Astrology Charm Bracelet | Gemini

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  • Natural Moonstone Gem Charm
  • 1/4" Diam. Gold Plated Brass Charm
  • Gold Plated Enamel Charm
  • Italian Cord - Enameled Copper
  • 14k Gold Filled Accents
  • Handmade in US

Your new Gemini birthstone bracelet made with natural Moonstone resonates through the Crown Chakra for an increased connection to Unity Consciousness.
As a Gemini, you have a brilliant mind made for expression of every kind. You love to talk about the latest happenings with your girls and maybe even gossip a little too much at times. You are quick witted with a sharp mind for details and information of every kind.
Geminis make great writers, journalists and speakers. Communication for you is your number one priority as you have so much to say and share you can barely get it all out. This can be great, as long as you don’t let yourself get scattered. It will take concentration and focus to keep you on track if you want to accomplish your goals and dreams.
One of the best ways to do that is to always wear your Gemini birthstone jewelry to keep your mind focused and centered on the tasks at hand, and the goals your dreams are made of.


  • Birthstone: Gemini 
  • Motto: I Express 
  • Chakra: Crown Chakra 
  • Planet: Mercury 
  • Day: Wednesday 
  • Flower: Lavender 
  • Element: Air 
  • Body: Respiratory/Nervous System